We Provide

Specialist nursing in coronary care units, intensive care units and high dependency units as well as team leaders, phlebotomists and one-to-one specialist care.

Specialist Nursing
We provide specialist nurses who work with children and adults with learning and physical disabilities. We cover medical, orthopaedic, surgical, theatre, coronary care units, intensive care units, high dependency units and other specialist areas.
Mental Health Nurses
We provide nursing services for people with mental health problems and people suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. We help them live their lives as best as possible by tailoring our services to their individual requirements.

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As an introductory service, we can provide a home care assistant, a registered general nurse or a registered mental nurse, free of charge, for a single seven hour shift. More than 90% of people who tried the introductory service now use Gabriels.

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